Professional Decorating Bath

Wild Fern Professional Decorating is a small independent painting and decorating company in Bath.
It was started by Andrew Curtis, a highly experienced, qualified painter and decorator.

Andrew lived and worked as a painter and decorator in Australia and New Zealand from 2001-2013 where he gained his NZQA. He learned his skills on high end architecturally designed homes. Eventually running the painting and decorating division of DTB, a revered south island builder in New Zealand.


“I’ve been very privileged in my life to do a job I enjoy. My time in Australia and New Zealand was amazing. I’ve worked on some truly brilliant projects over there. If they can imagine it, they’ll build it. They demand perfection every time. It’s a good way to be.”


In 2013 Andrew moved to Bath and has worked on many successful projects in the area. Since then he has started Wild Fern Professional Decorating.


“Being a painter and decorator in Bath is really interesting. I enjoy working on the beautiful old buildings with all their history and character. It’s in stark contrast to the sleek modern architectural background where I spent most of my working life. However, I have found that the techniques I have developed translate equally well to both old and new projects.”